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Distinction proof tools and steel tools

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Explosion tool steel tools can not be compared to its performance is far less than the steel tool, such as: explosion of all kinds of hand tools, wrenches, have a different rated strength, non-cased overload (except tap wrench outside) not struck, in order to avoid fracture and deformation due to overloading, affecting the normal use. Use explosion-proof tool in the process should be a reasonable choice of different specifications according to their needs can not be a small generation of large. It should also be noted that the use of wrenches, pliers, wrenches time, pay attention to the direction of the force requirements, shall be arbitrarily reverse force when using tool belt edge, first measuring the hardness of the workpiece itself, such as its hardness close When the tool hardness, should have to be careful operation, prohibit the use of higher tool hardness. When the workpiece is fastened by a motorized, semi-permanent or for a fixed long-term corrosion, but not before using hand tools to take other measures, should be banned, in order to avoid damage to the tool. Explosion-proof tool tools material difference material mainly two materials: aluminum bronze alloy beryllium alloy aluminum bronze alloy explosion-proof tools: a national second-class B-class products, not detonated gas at a concentration of 7.8% ethylene gas environment jobs ; beryllium alloy of explosion-proof tools: a national second-class C-class products, not detonated gas concentration of 21% hydrogen gas environment operations. And beryllium bronze proof tools not magnetic (magnetic to 0), it is also an ideal tool for field operations environment, foreign customer called magnetic tools. Use explosion-proof tools tool has been completed, should be promptly wipe clean, such as long-term need, should be coated with a layer of oil in the explosion-proof tools appearance or save and load the bags with anti-corrosion method or inward storage. Some proof tools after use some wear and incomplete, especially with the edge of explosion-proof tools, or serious damage, should not continue to use, should be promptly into waste.

Although proof tool can be used in a particular environment, but should also use the time according to different operating conditions, if the time is not normally use, there may be problems, the following is proof tools use should be avoided when problems.

1, explosion-proof wrenches, pipe pliers small generation of large, extended sleeve plus sleeve or use pull mouth caused deformation, fracture, bending to pull the handle portion, deformation, Duanzhe; tap wrench, such as wrenches non-explosion-proof copper hammer as use will resulting in deformation of the wrench head and so on.
2, explosion-proof socket head used on manually operated pneumatic tools, can lead to the location of the square hole of the sleeve head is damaged, when the wind action should select the wind industry in the sleeve series.
3. Use pliers head as a hammer, it will cause a dent or jaws clamp not normally bite, please use the appropriate work to do tap-proof copper hammer etc. percussion instruments. Use explosion-proof needle nose pliers bending strength at the wire, sheet metal, it will also cause injuries or needle nose pliers clamp bite mouth appear appear inappropriate and so on.
4, explosion-proof ratchet wrench tap wrench or a set of extended operation, can be made to work off the handle and dents, this situation is to use a T-handle plus the heads of the sleeve preferably, F-type pull rod, tang-type pull bar or choose standard ratchet wrench large increase in torque.
5, explosion-proof as small flathead screwdriver or flat shovel crowbar, chisel, chisel subclasses, will cause the handle portion loose or broken out of touch with the working end, or on behalf of mostly small screwdriver working end may cause injuries or damage to the blade appear.


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