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China's hardware industry must pay attention to explosion-proof tools low-carbon environment

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In recent years, countries around the world are actively advocating and promoting environmental protection, low-carbon green energy and new life, China has set off a wave of low-carbon boom. Long engaged in foreign trade of China proof tools hardware manufacturing, due to be in line with overseas environmental philosophy, therefore, the implementation of carbon management becomes particularly important. In fact, the Chinese enterprise carbon management exposure history is very short, about the last couple of years things became operational. Currently there are four sectors in urgent need of conservation needs, namely: energy, real estate, transportation and manufacturing. Energy industry due to the high energy-consuming industries, and therefore there will be rigid superiors reduction requirements, targeted; the real estate industry due to the pursuit of industrial upgrading, real estate, hoping to promote green building concepts, enhance competitiveness; transport such as aviation, due to EU barriers affect carbon emissions, but also pressure to reduce emissions; and the manufacturing sector is mainly refers to enterprises engaged in foreign trade, due to the need to consider the international environmental philosophy, and therefore greater pressure to reduce emissions, which in hardware, toys and other small manufacturing-based . According to experts in the field of carbon management presentation, the starting point is a carbon carbon management accounting, that is, to find out the real situation, the company's carbon emissions to make more accurate analysis and quantification is the first step, and secondly, they may come up with feasible solution. Accounts vary as companies work, and some took one to two months, up to ten months. Because of different enterprises, different processes, their emission reduction potential is different, the solution is usually more than one set. Such as steel companies, carbon source can be coal, oil and natural gas, and therefore consider input-output ratio problem. For example, investment in the coal energy above one hundred million, one hundred thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions can also money into natural gas, emission reductions might be five hundred thousand tons. Therefore, when carbon management will be set for the enterprise model of a variety of permutations and combinations, according to the financial strength, the choice ultimately rests with businesses. However, experts said that although the low-carbon concept touted over and over again, companies are willing to actively respond to energy conservation, and hope that their supply chain greener. However, the means to achieve it has been in a missing state, which is the first contact because most enterprises are carbon management, incomplete data is an important issue. For example, you can not determine which is which production processes carbon exhaust, or lack of coal and other fuel consumption data statistics, enterprises lack the ability to have carbon management talents. Experts believe that carbon management, hardware for Chinese companies is just beginning, the road ahead is still long, the implementation of carbon management is the future trend, not only from corporate assignments authorities issued, and the implementation of sound carbon management will increase the production of energy efficiency, the competitiveness of its overseas markets will be further enhanced.
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