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Use explosion-proof pliers need to pay attention to what matters

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Explosion-proof grip the workpiece or cutting pliers as a dedicated piece of hardware proof tools. Should be used pliers explosion Caution: Do as the explosion-proof wrench to use wire cutters, cut the wire breakage when, in order to prevent flying short head hurt, short head should be towards the ground. The operator should wear protective goggles. Electrician with pliers handle portion must add insulation jacket. The sleeve has a certain pressure effect, to prevent electric shock. Usage: blade up, the user above the upper clamp handle thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger below the lower clamp handle, above the little finger of the lower clamp handle, thumb fixed on the clamp handle, and the remaining four fingers freely jaws open, closed. Explosion-proof pliers used to pay attention: Do not be used instead of tap-proof copper hammer other parts, is not allowed to play a nail. Clamp handle on the insulating sleeve pinned prohibited, prohibited in high temperature and corrosive place to prevent insulation damage. If it is found explosion pliers clamp handle insulating sheath is damaged, it should be replaced. Explosion pliers, for clamping a fixed workpiece or twisting, bending, shearing metal filaments hand tools. Pliers V-shaped profile, typically include a handle, cheek and jaw pliers three parts. Many types of pliers, needle nose pliers specifically, Diagonal pliers, wire cutters, curved pliers, flat nose pliers, needle-nose pliers, bolt cutters, pliers, pipe clamp, drilling clamp and so on. Pliers, knife used to cut the wires of soft rubber or plastic insulation. Tooth forceps port can also be used to tighten or loosen the nut. Pliers, insulated plastic tube voltage above 500V, it can be charged with cutting wires. After quenching pliers, its strength, wear resistance, fatigue strength and toughness have been enhanced to pricey pliers life.


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