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Explosion test torque wrenches hardness and Compliance

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Explosion test torque wrenches and hardness standard:
1, hexagonal wrench explosion-proof tools vertical axis of each arm of the end face of its tolerance of not more than 4 degrees.
2, arm length of 50mm in length, straightness of not more than 0.5mm
3, explosion-proof wrench working portion and the arm should be in the same axis, there should be no significant shift.
4, wrench subject to surface treatment, the color should be uniform.
5, there should be no surface cracks, flaws and other defects.
6, hardness and test torque wrench values ​​should be consistent with standards.
7. After the torque wrench permanent deformation test, should not affect use.
Test methods:
1, hexalobular size according to the amount of standard-specific regulatory inspection.
2, the vertical arm of the wrench to the end face of its universal measuring Square.
3, straightness with a wrench range is 0 ~ 50mm blade straightedge and a feeler gauge.
4, wrench working portion and the arm axis offset by visual inspection.
5, the torque test shall be performed on a dedicated machine torque. Working part wrench and hexalobular test hole depth of engagement should not be less than 70% the size of t. The working part of the short arm pry into the test hole, slowly loaded at the end of the long arm until the standard value, the insurance carrier after 1 minute, lifted load, rear experiments as acceptable.
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